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Museum of Ice Cream || New York City || Trip

 Museum of Ice cream, New York City The Museum of Ice cream is a company that provides a interactive experience for guests. As in June 2022, there are currently three Museum of Ice creams in the United States, located in Austin, Chicago, and New York. There is also one located in Dempsey, Singapore.  The Museum of Ice cream I went to with my mom is located in Soho, Manhattan. Despite the location, you must book a ticket at ahead of time. Tickets are $36 on weekdays and $44 on weekends. From 5:30 pm, tickets cost $49 everyday. Although we went on a Thursday morning, the total cost for my mom and I was around $100. Was the experience worth it? From a 13 year old girl’s point of view, yes, it definitely was. The interior of the museum was simple yet fancy. The walls and floors are painted with different shades of pink, and cute souvenirs fill the entrance. Every part of the museum is a perfect spot for taking pictures. When you start off the tour, a guide explains ho