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[MyLK TV Scripts] Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, Kim Lego Story (2019), Ep8

[Scripts] Great Wolf Lodge and Niagara Falls Kim Lego Story (2019), Ep8 BY: MyLK TV [In the living room] Claira: Me so excited! Me so excited! Me can not wait to go to great wolf lodge! Christine: Claira, I know you are excited, but can you please move? Claira: Oh sorry.   Michael: Well, everything is packed in the car. Now let’s go! Everyone: Hurray! [Outside in front of the car] Michelle: Ok, I am going to be sitting in the front with daddy, so you girls take good care of Camille, ok? Claira: Ok mommy! We big girls now so we take good care of Camille. [At Niagara Falls] Claira: Wow! Niagara Falls is so big! Come on, let’s go to Great Wolf Lodge! [At Great Wolf Lodge] Claira: Finally, we made it. Hurray! [Inside Great Wolf Lodge] Claira: Wow, look at the chimney! It ginormous! Woah, look at the ceiling, it’s so high! And the lights, they so beautiful. Woah what’s that? It a moose and pots! Woah! It’s a talking bear. And a talking moose. Hello Mr