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How to Survive during Quarantine; Tips by MyLK

  Simple tips: How to Survive during Quarantine We never know when another outbreak would happen during the year. So, its good to always be prepared for a future lock-down. Here is some list of tips to help survive without feeling any depression. What you can/should do: ·      Exercise/stretch daily (Any kind of simple exercise or stretches can help your physical and mental health.) ·      Get a lot of sunlight (It helps take in vitamin D, which will make you feel brighter and stronger. You can also eat vitamins as well) ·      Have a habit of having a daily routine (Living in a daily routine will help things get more organized and not to overwhelmed) ·      Eat lots of fruits and veggies ·      Start a new hobby you enjoy ·      Record your daily life/Write a diary during the lock down (Who knows? Maybe you can get famous one day) ·      Don’t use up too much screen time (This is hard for me as well, but staring at a phone for 5 hours straight might make you feel dep

How to build a Lego Mansion; Kim's family house tour

  How to build a Lego mansion;  Kim's family house tour  This is a small tour of the the Kim's family's house. The house is made up of three different Lego sets (Stephanie's house, Livi the pop-star house and the Beach house) and has six levels. The house started off small, but slowly got extended as more Lego sets came. Here is the overall tour of the house.                Kim's Family house  First floor:  The first floor has a living room, a kitchen and a dining area. All of these places are shown in most of the episodes of Kim Lego story. Some of the first floor is made out of furniture's from Olivia's house and Emma's house.  Claria in the Living room Dining area, Kitchen and Living room Second floor:  The second floor has a family room and Christine's room. The Family room is originally from Livi the pop-star's house. Christine's bedroom was once Stephanie's bedroom but was extended and decorated into Christine's room. Both of th