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First Novel: We are one

This is my second novel regarding peaceful unification in the Korea peninsula  Title: Now, we are one Writer: MyLK Happy to see brightness, I dashed toward the sunlight. But when I got out of the pipes, I felt my face fall into a confused look. When I stared at the Panmunjom, I realized that I was very far away from Seoul. “Are you lost?” a voice called. Without hesitation, I quickly replied “Yes. I sure am. I need to get back to Seoul. Do you know the way?” He replied quickly as well. “I’ve heard a lot about Seoul. My great grandfather used to talk about it a lot. But I’ve never been there before.” he said. “Oh...” I said with disappointment. “However, I will be happy to help you get home! It’s my pleasure.” he eagerly replied. “So, are you from North Korea?” I asked. “Yes, indeed I am. And you, my friend, are probably from the other side of the peninsula!” He added. With excitement, I ran toward the brownish body, which looked exactly like me. “My name is Barley…” I