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[Opinion] How to save the earth: 1) "Going Green", an essay by MyLK in third grade 2) a Youtube video 3) Earth Day Posters

How to save the earth (1) "Going Green", an essay that I wrote in third grade  Imagine the earth covered and filled with junk, garbage and flies. Nobody wants to live in such a terrible environment. It is important to protect our attractive environment and go green. What is Going Green? Going Green is protecting our planet and not polluting it. Going Green makes Earth a better place. There are many ways to go green like, using less energy, less items, and less water. "Scan, scan." I am borrowing a book from the library. Using less products or items is an important part of Going Green. What is upcycling? Upcycling is turning old things into new ones that are useful Recycling is suing things over and over again. One way to use less products is to recycle. For example, you can bring a cloth bags to the supermarket and use it instead of a plastic bag. Another way to go green is to upcycle. Specifically, you can melt broken crayons, and ta-da, you have a brand

Life of a butterfly, Favorite Season, and Spring Starts: essays in third grade

[ LIFE OF BUTTERFLY ] I have a long skinny body without any fur. My wings shimmer in the sun and shine like glitter in the moonlight. What am I? My name is Minyoung and I am an adult painted lady butterfly. You might think I am a gorgeous butterfly, but I actually used to have a big furry body with no wings! My body went through a metamorphosis and different stages to be an adult butterfly.  My life began as a tiny egg, smaller than a pebble. My mother laid my egg with a sticky substance that is produced by my mom's body. The substance helps men and my egg stay on the leaf. I stay there for seven to ten days. My second stage is the larvae stage. When I emerge from my egg, I start eating the shell of the egg. That is my very first meal. After I finish eating the shell, I start eating the leaf I was born on. As I eat and grow, I start to shed my skin. This is called molting. When I molt, it helps me grow bigger.  My second to last stage is the pupa stage. In this st

[Writings] Essays that MyLK wrote in third grade in elementary school: A P.U.S.H. toward a growth mindset & A trip to Jones Beach

First of all, I want to share my writing about a growth mindset that I wrote in third grade. A growth mindeset is when you persevere and unwaver to accomplish a certain goal or plan (even if its really hard). My writing tells about a time when I had a fixed mindset (a fixed mindest is the opposite of a growth mindset) and then changed it into a growth mindset.  Secondly, you can see my personal narrative about the field trip to Jones Beach in 2017.  [A P.U.S.H. toward a Growth Mindset]  January, 26, 2018 "Do I have to?!"  I complained. Did you know that there was a time I had a fixed mindset? A fixed mindset is when you give up easily and don't show grit. Someone with a fixed mindset thinks that they can NEVER EVER do it and they believe that their brain would never grow.  I had a fixed mindset when I took my first swimming lesson in South Korea. I was extremely fearful. For example, I was the oldest one in the beginner's class but I was way

[Behind the Story] How to make second episode, Run for class president: Kim Lego Story

1. How did you get the idea for the second episode? This episode was created on a basis of my experiences to run for a student council at her school. Christine's speech was the same of my speech to become a student council, last year. She is now serving as a student council.   2. How long did you take time to make the second episode?  It took about two hours to record the video that includes making and changing the settings. My mom spent about another two hours to edit the files. In the first episode that has a running time of nine minutes and 58 seconds, there were only 27 files. On the other hand, 53 video files were used to make more active pictures in the second episode that has a running time of eight minutes and 35 seconds. I wanted to add some NG scenes to make a longer video. Thus, I put some bloopers after the second episode.  3. What is the difference between making the first episode and the second episode?  3.1. First episode (new family member)  ·   

[Behind the Story] How to make first episode in Kim Lego Story

1. What made you start to open this channel (MyLK TV: Kim Lego Story)?  I was inspired to open this channel on YouTube by my family and friends this year. Since I was 3 years old, my grandparents, friends, and other family members got me various Lego sets as birthday gifts or X-mas gifts. I have spent tons of my free time playing with my Lego sets by creating diverse characters in her Lego World. I'd like to share her imaginative stories with many friends in the world. 2. How did you work for making the first episode (New Family Member)?  2.1. Making the first episode It was not that long to shoot the first episode. Without any scripts or practices, I played all parts of the characters (Kim's family, Michelle's friends, a nurse, and a clerk) spontaneously. My mom just shot the pictures as I lead the story. My mom was quite surprised to realize that there were four strollers in her Lego sets. (I made them by myself from my previous plays.) It took about 50 minu

[MyLK TV Scripts] A Pet Talker, Kim Lego Story (2019), Ep7

(Ep 1: A new family member) Michelle: Christine wake up come on, we have to go to the hospital right now. Michelle: Did you get the diapers, and the bottle? Claira: Yes, me get it. Celine: Ugh I am so tired. Christine: Celine, I ’ m tired too. Michael: Finally, I will be able to see Ken! Michelle: Quick! In the car. (Michelle, Michael, Christine, Celine, and Claira leaves the house) Woof: I am so confused. Meow: I know. Is the baby ’ s name Kaitlyn, Aurora, or Ken? Woof: I don ’ t think it ’ s going to be Ken. Meow: Remember the time when Claira was born? If she was born as a girl, her name would King! Woof: I know. Michael is terrible at making names. Meow: How come my name is Meow? I am good at woofing! Woof! Woof! Woof: Same with me. My name is Woof but I am good at meowing. Meow! Meow! [At the hospital] Claira: Oh look. Daddy. There comes mommy! Michelle: Hey girls, meet Camille, your new baby sister. [At home] Michael: Rock a b