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Fifth Grade Science: Bones and The Skeletal System

Fifth Grade Science: Bones and The Skeletal System This is one of the science topics I learned in grade five. Your bones are made out of minerals called calcium. Your bones have four main jobs: One, it holds up your body and gives you structure. Two, it helps you move around. Three, the inside of your bone produces blood cells, and four it protects your organs. Humans are originally born with 300 bones but then ends up with 206 bones at the age of 25. Why do we lose so much bones? Well, the 300 bones you started with fuses up together to make one big bone. Your skeleton is organized into two parts. The axial and appendicular. The axial bones of your body give your body shape and structure such as your ribs. The appendicular bones are the bones that help you move, like your kneecap. This lists 22 bones in their scientific name. Skull: Cranium Upper jaw: Maxilla Lower jaw: Mandible Spine: Vertebral column (or spinal cord) Main forearm: Radius Lesser forearm: Ulna Coll