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Celebrating Christmas 2020; The star ; New York City ; Rockefeller Center

 Celebrating  Christmas 2020; The star ; New York City  Its beens so long since I’ve celebrated Christmas in America. After 3 years of going to Korea for the holidays, we were finally able to stay home for Christmas. And I’ve gotta admit, I never felt so excited.  Right before the week of Christmas started, I tried to finish all my home school work (which sadly turned out to be a fail). I rushed thru the last page of “180 days of science for sixth grade” and slammed the workbook shut. Excited and joy tendered around me.  19th Saturday: Watching the star  On Saturday, my parents and I went to a drive in movie theater our local community has hosting. We watched a Christianity related movie called the star. The air felt crispy when the windows opened so that we can receive our food and goodies. Resting my head on a cup holder, I stuffed myself with popcorn (which my mom wasn’t too happy about) and laughed at a donkey who declared freedom and a bird who was amazing at dancing. The movie wa