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[MyLK TV Scripts] Trip to Korea (Kakao shop), Kim Lego Story (2020), Ep9

[Scripts] Trip to Korea (Kakao shop), Kim Lego Story (2020), Ep9 [In front of Grandmother’s house in Seoul] Claira: So, when is the bus coming? Christine: In about two minutes Claira: And, how long is that? Christine: About 120 seconds? Claira: And, how long is 120 seconds? Christine: Umm... just start from one, then count to 120. Claira: Oo that’s interesting. Ok, one, two, three, four, five… Sebastian: So, you went to a placed called Great Wolf Lodge? Camille: You’re right Sebastian, we went to Great Wolf Lodge, and we had a party there. Sarge-Sarge: Camille, did Meow and Woof go there too? Camille: Hmmm I don’t remember, but the probably did go Sarge-Sarge. Sebastian: Camille, when you go to America, can you tell Meow and Woof we said ‘Hi’? Camille: Off course Sebastian, I will tell them as soon as I go home. Sebastian: Yay, thanks Claria, you’re the best! Claira: 119… oh I forgot. One, two, three four… -Shuttle bus comes- Grandma: Oh, the bu