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Cold Spring Harbor State Park ; Homeschool Field Trip

 Cold Spring Harbor State Park ; Homeschool Field Trip  It’s been so long since I’ve home schooled, I’m starting to wonder if I will be able to go to real school. But sometimes, I have moments when I miss my friends. And even tho I haven’t seen any middle school teachers yet, I am sure I will like them. But for now, I am planning to enjoy my home school experience as much as I can.  So on one sunny day of April, we decided to go on another home school field trip. This time to cold spring harbor state park. It took 30 minutes drive to get there, but I entertained myself by looking at the trees and clouds passing by. When we arrived, my surroundings was very surprising. The park looked more like a rocky hill, with a harbor in front of it. As I got out of the car, I was able to smell the spring breeze thru my mask.  According to my parents, I had been to Cold Spring Harbor State Park when I was a baby. I’ve seen a few picture of myself holding my grandmother’s hand as she guided me thru w

Coding with Python ; Sixth grade computer science ; Homeschool

Coding with Python ; Sixth grade computer science ; Homeschool  Its been almost 2 weeks since April has started. The weather is heating up and flowers are beginning to bloom. Spring has arrived and I am very pleased. This week for home schooling, computer science was the most interesting subject I took (after math, we were learning geometry) so I decided to write about what I learned.  *Most of these information is from “coding for kids python” and “Everything you need to know about computer science and coding in one big fat notebook”.* Python:  Python is an easy and most widely used programming language. It can be used for creating codes, making projects and designing websites. Python is written in an Integrated Development Environment Program (IDE for short), a program programmers can use to type and edit code and to create Python programs. The IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment) is the program that comes with python when you install it. The IDLE has two different